Dev Guide

Swÿp is an app framework currently compatible with iOS.

See Swÿp’s Github Home


  1. Clone Swyp Photos // swypPhotos
  2. pull submodules: git submodule update -r --init
  3. compile and try out code (this is your demo)
  4. to get into new app: (create a new app project in xcode) clone into your app directory
  5. file-> add files to ""

  6. Link Binary With Library "libswyp.a" in Build Phases; Add swyp as target dependency in project settings->targetName->Build Phases
  7. Setup project linker flags to load all libSwyp class extensions
  8. Copy the frameworks swyp uses to your current app's project
  9. Add path to swyp/libswyp to project settings -> build settings -> header search paths 10. Import <libswyp/libswyp.h> wherever needed, or in Prefix to make available everywhere 11. Checkout Swyp Photos project for intro to implementation!